Intro to Lost In Txtlation

Welcome to ‘Lost in Txtlation’, a podcast delving beyond ‘I love you’, with a focus on why Love is Not Enough. Hosted by me, Tristan Pope, who believes love is an action. The show explores online dating trends and delves into my many “stream of conscious” threads of thought, a ‘choose your own adventure’ of sorts, as you navigate through topics on love, relationships, romance, compromise, and self-discovery. Each episode sparks conversations, deepening our understanding of love’s intricate puzzle.

Whether you’re navigating the waters of a relationship, seeking inspiration, or simply curious about the musings of someone who has pondered the intricacies of love, this podcast is for you. I shares snippets of my own stream of consciousness, touching on moments that have resonated with listeners, helping them escape toxic relationships, appreciate their own ideals of love, and feel less alone in their journey.

Join me as we embark on a journey exploring my thoughts on the above in the pursuit of self-discovery. Each episode is a chapter in this narrative, offering insights that have sparked conversations, debates, and a deeper understanding of the intricate puzzle that is love. So, whether you’re in search of guidance or simply eager for an open conversation in audio format, ‘Lost in Txtlation’ invites you to explore the diverse facets of dating, love, and relationships.

So again, think of this as a choose your own adventure. The breadcrumbs of a depreciating mind, but instead of in a formation to make the path home, scattered about the forest ready for immediate consumption. So feel free to skip or jump around to an entry that interests or perhaps resonates with you. This is my journal, unabaited, stream of conciousness, with the intent of another reading/listening to it.

And feel free to use the Q/A section of this podcast if listening on Spotify or on if you wish to ask a question about your experiences or relationships. A conversation to myself, waiting for you to respond. I consider my writing to be an open discussion, not something set in stone. I often pick a side of the fence, not because I want to be right or wrong, but to not teter and being very open to hearing about the other side, no matter what color the grass may be. Feel free to ask me anything! I’m here to listen! What’s on your mind?

Prelude: Without a little definition even these words have no meaning

I Don’t Love You

Love Is Not Enough

Define “Trying Too Hard”

Do I actually miss you?

You make me too comfortable

Time is the mitigating factor

Mindful Explanations

Convincing Explanations

Please Stop Caring

You can’t always be comfortable

Sustainable Relationships


The Second Date Limbo

Why is Love NOT enough?

Embracing the Past, Verbalizing the Present

Observation vs Analysis

Give My Brain a Breather

She is Better Than The Girl of My Dreams… She is Real

Stronger Together is NOT Being Weaker Alone

Are we all that important to one another?

Online dating is simple, you are the one making it complicated

Cause(s) and Effect(s)

Multi Task Me

The “Perfect” You

The sparkle in your eyes

This feels like a movie! Perhaps I shouldn’t want it to?

The feeling of the chase

I like your face! I think…

The Two Face Theory

Things Change, making a conscious effort

We Need to Start Getting Hurt Again

Ready to Purge, the Modern Form of Dating

Listening to more than the words

The Law of Relativity

My Space, Your Comfort

I’m not your bodyguard, I am your boyfriend

Practice Dating and Lists

Define Compromise

The “Romantic Spark” is Burning Your Chances

The First Time – Let’s be awkward, together

Relationships Post Swipe

As time goes on, the apple rots.

The “Swallow, Kiss” and “Hi”

Online Dating is no less organic than Analog Dating

Socks and Misconceptions – the silent judgements

Will I end up on your Podcast?

Love will find you… but stop hiding!

From Facetime to Face-to-Face: Redefining Intimacy in Modern Dating

A Snowy Spring Night – Two Minds Connecting in Judgment-Free Listening

A Metro Lumberjack with Wifi

Sarcasm and Sunsets: #mycomicreleifisonvacation

Coming Soon: