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Month: March 2006

There are days where I am alone.

There are days where I am alone. There are times when I sit and just stare. Today is one of those days. I feel lost at times. To write things down does help. Some of my toughest times were written down, in a book, that I later put a nail through… now that book belongs to my sister and I hope it helps, but that is not what I am here to write about, but this is my blurb so deal.

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The Calm After the Storm… Nah! :)

Now that the competition is over with, time to dust off the ole site and get you guys some updates!!!

While we were all in the tornado of the competition I released some new photos, added some web cam members, wrote some poetry, got nominated for a llama award, Switchers appeared in Computer Gaming World Magazine, and even released a movie to Converse.

So stuff has been happening so it seems, but the dust on this website was hiding it. : P

So in not particular order(clickable links):

Ok that should tide ya over for the time being. Cool stuff on the horizon, check “Under Development” for it.

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