I am tired of this paradigm of “I want to feel protected by my man”.

If the guy was raised with any fucking morals or compass to good, of course he is going to fight for you and “protect you”. it is an instinct. It is something built into the core of our beings we fight for the things we love. But being Chivalrous and Caring is just gestures it isn’t a partnership. It isn’t an equality. Just because I make you feel safe, doesn’t mean you make me feel loved. If anything you wanting to just lay in my arms feeling safe makes me feel empty as fuck.

Why can’t more people want to share the passion of a relationship and grow with one another? Why can’t the entire relationship be dominant. Why do we have to fulfill roles? One is submissive one is the other. Fuck that shit, if I pull your hair, pull mine right back. Show some initiative in a relationship so I know I am not just dating my cat. I can get all this from a furry friend with way less effort. 

The reason I want a human is to be inspired, to help inspire, to become partners in crime in this world that needs to be stolen day by day. Stop hiding behind your “I don’t want to get my heart broken” and your “I open up when I know you better” ‘s let this shit hang out and fly free. Because the worst that happens is you realize sooner and faster if you are meant to be and you can dive into the meat of things. You can achieve love.

But if your idea of love is me being some sort of prince charming, you are cruelly mistaken. Prince charming is a rebound for a girl who just got fucked up by a wicked spell. I don’t want to be your rebound. I will happily carry you over puddles and open your door and kiss your forehead, but if I have no inspiration to continue doing it after you open up to me… perhaps this is the reason many women think men just put up a front when they first meet. Because at the end of the day it just isn’t inspiring anymore to do the chivalry because we are not getting an equal relationship. 

Meh, most guys are dicks, societally influenced to be alpha. But me, 5 sisters, abusive mother, absent father, I want someone to tackle the world together. I want to create our own memories, traditions, and for us to be stronger together than we would alone. Never wondering if “Am I sacrificing my career choices and ambitions for this relationship” because the work done together in the relationship is what is actually driving us both to become better at it all.