There are two faces to every girl.

The face you see when you come home from work, the face you see when you are covered in daily dirt, even the face you see when you cry. That is face one.

Now there is face two the one where you are so close you can barely see. You are face to face, all blemishes uncovered, and expressions discovered. I do see them here and there, I do see them everywhere. This is when we kiss. This is when we wake up next to each other, directing our morning breath like a dance.  What I 100% see and hope you see the same in me, is a sparkle in your eye.

I want to find that sparkle and have it last forever, I want to find that sparkle, not make it an endeavor, by this I mean I don’t want the games people play, some drama here or there, that is OK, but maybe just today.

With a  simple glance there is a connection I want to feel, when I am so close and smooshed up next to you.

So in this second face, you and I, we will kiss, it will last, last and last, just because kissing helps slow time in our eyes. And in that second face kissing with an eternity going by,  I pull back to see your first face again, still in love with a different view but same person I am laying with, side to side.

Sometimes to be slick the writer will say it lasted for the perfect moment, but I want the moment to be more than a fleeting moment in a romantic novel, I want it to be the rest of my life.