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Month: March 2015

Can you please explain to me as to why men ask for openness and honesty, but when you are they decide you aren’t worth getting to know anymore?Is it wrong to not want to send someone you haven’t even had a date with nude pics?Or am I the problem?

You are well within your right to not send a naked photo of yourself to someone you never went on a date with and that should be an indicator of what they actually want in the first place. Although me personally I prefer clothing to naked for foreplay 🙂

Some ask for open and honesty but are not willing to give it themselves so when you do they recoil to the little boy on the playground pulling hair. The chase isn’t as fun to some people after they know it all, showing how they really are only after the chase in the first place. Honesty should build and bolster a relationship not harm it.

I also don’t know what you are telling them, maybe it is something they realize is not their thing. Which is totally within their right as well. We guard ourselves so much wasting so much time pulling out the answers, when in reality we should be able to lay it all out, and make an educated decision if the other person is for us or not and just move on or stay together without the bullshit.

I am sure it was “beat” into me at a young age and thus my brain learned to hide and then cope and then hide and then scream and then recoil etc etc etc. 

There are many theories as to who I am, why I am, etc. None of which are ever really declared as journeys more as being there while living each day, be present in ones own body in the bad and good. Many people look for this journey of enlightenment when in turn I think we just get everyday as a lesson and what we make of it. We can plan for tomorrow but tomorrow can change in an instant, thus wasting today.



I would rather sing a song like Maria on my way home after a date and think of the moments just passed than go home and play it off Spotify while stalking their Facebook.

This Is How We Write Now

We write like this. We write. An internet generation. Online. On computers. On tablets. On typewriters. Maybe not anymore. Previous generation. We write online.

Sometimes. Hard. Understanding. An oblivious generation. We do. It is. Sentences. Broken like glass. Metaphor. For our existence. It’s deep.

Our experiences. They speak. For everyone. For you. For me. For everyone. We write. Only in the plural. We are. We write.

This is how we write now. Fragmented. Vague. Dull. How? Passing editor’s inspection? How? Published? Don’t know. It is. Always.

This is how we write now. But this is not how we write well now.

Belief vs Doing

Your beliefs should be there as a guideline to making the right moral compass choices not as good faith that everything will just fix itself. Not everyone was designed to do everything we want to do, being able to recognize when we cannot versus will not are very important. This is one of the main reasons I think so many people are happy to just settle for shitty regulations, poor decisions, and bad governance… one day they “believe” they will be on top of some metaphysical food chain and not have to worry about the dirt and grime they are helping to create instead of picking up a broom and sweeping. Self awareness and worldy awareness are very attractive qualities. Smashing a board on your head over and over is not.

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