So basically what I am gathering from this article is because of social stigmas of guys who spend time working to be healthy, they are douches, and those who don’t prioritize it are all the following:
More caring
Less judgmental
Not self concious
Not going to try to motivate you to do the same.

So in turn what this equates to is:
The girl is insecure and doesn’t want someone else who might not be.
The girl has decided she doesn’t want to be fit so therefore a guy who is, is obviously a douche.

But what it actually equates to for the guy is:
I am not happy with my body
I am self concious
I am probably lazy
I am not good at goals
I am either a couch potatoe or work aholic

Why do I say these things? Cause I spent 3 years unhappy with my body. And feeling like shit. Anxiety and self demoralising. But when I reclaimed my body I felt invigorated, more apt to go out, more comfortable doing all the fun life can throw at me. Did it change who I am? ABSOLUTELY. Did it change my heart? Nope. Have I seen first hand that having a 6 pack versus a stomach can literally mean meeting less people, YES. 100% and that sucks.

So ultimately what girls and guys should be attracted to is the person they want that motivates the things they are motivated to be. Not just judge. Just find someone who makes you feel like the better version of yourself. Not project.

Also the dedication it takes to really get into really intense physical shape, is a very good indicator of how a person can push themselves and have self control over their mind and body.