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Month: July 2006

I want those thoughtless highschool nights back…

So as I reminisce to those moments in high school that I hated. Ya know anytime in high school. lol Ok so I have been thinking of those simple nights in which I sat there with a girl in my arms. We would kiss, we would talk about very little, hardly scratch the surface of each other’s lives, as there was little surface to scratch back then. Yet we would be content. Regardless of the drama caused by all the world around us, we managed to live it up and enjoy each moment, even enjoy a small amount of cat and mouse. Continue reading

The shit storm the world is in…

It’s strange. Maybe it is because I am more aware of it, maybe it is because things are panning out the way I saw them. Maybe it is truth. But religion is becoming more of my life, be my belief or not, it is becoming a part of it through contact, experiences, and people. Continue reading

Starting New… but with the past as a building block for me and you.

Starring straight up…
A moon so bright shines down on me.
Squinting as it glares through my glass spectacles.
A brisk air is gently passing over my uncovered body as I walk…
A straight line…
Above me hang natures green silhouettes of life.
Perhaps they will push down and touch me.
Perhaps not.
A few more hours until a new step is taken.
Although as I walk I take many.
If anything, as straight as I am walking this is not the same path I saw in the daylight.
The ground is colder,
The walls are lighter,
The trees darker,
The leaves creating a labyrinth like entrance…
Barely able to make out anything other than the gently lit house, mustang in the driveway.
A new sound in my ears.
Ahh music…
Without it, I would be lost.
So, while walking this metaphorical path down a street still new to me…
I think, and realize…
Continue reading

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