Starring straight up…
A moon so bright shines down on me.
Squinting as it glares through my glass spectacles.
A brisk air is gently passing over my uncovered body as I walk…
A straight line…
Above me hang natures green silhouettes of life.
Perhaps they will push down and touch me.
Perhaps not.
A few more hours until a new step is taken.
Although as I walk I take many.
If anything, as straight as I am walking this is not the same path I saw in the daylight.
The ground is colder,
The walls are lighter,
The trees darker,
The leaves creating a labyrinth like entrance…
Barely able to make out anything other than the gently lit house, mustang in the driveway.
A new sound in my ears.
Ahh music…
Without it, I would be lost.
So, while walking this metaphorical path down a street still new to me…
I think, and realize…

Today. I begin new.
Yet it is not new like a child.
More of a new house in which you must figure out how to place all your memorabilia again.
Figure out what you keep and what you throw out.

Passion… I spoke of this a lot today.
Passion, I have.
Without passion there is no drive.
But how is it that this passion seems to be taking on a new face.
Not a person I know, but a face that only others see.
Is it that I sit here alone, in search of a dream.
A dream so close to grasp that it becomes harder to hold onto,
Or a dream so far that I must now prove myself to stay asleep.

I find myself alone, but not alone in the sense that I am lonely.
Of course I feel lonely at times,
But that is another thought for my non ADD mind.
I fine myself alone in the sense that I am again at a wall.
Should I run full speed into it and break through the other side,
Or will it stop me dead in my tracks.
I would prefer to skip the headache and will find a way around this wall.
I have climbed steeper cliffs with much sharper stones digging into my hands.
Hmm. Now that I think of it… no I have not.

So with this new chance, I see new life.
And with new life I see my life.

The moon will continue to shine bright.
I will continue to stare, because from such a majesty of the sky,
I will draw my mind into a whirlwind of emotion, passion, dreams,
And with this new light given to me to help me guide the path, I will make them into reality.

I sometimes get caught up in the idea of the bad that follows this new.
The thing that makes this more like a new apartment than a brand new house, mortgage paid.
This is not a problem, but I do my work for me…
I dream for me…
I dream for passion.

I do not follow people around…
I do not give up on old bridges even if I must dive into a river 100 feet below to get water to put out fires.
For my whole life I have sat quiet with my goals.
Now I must be verbal.
Quite the difference.
Especially as the goals changes, twist, and drive me mad.

But that is the distraction.

Will I prove myself.
I think so.
Do I need to?
I don’t think so.
Not in that way at least.

A double edged blade put me in this war,
But all I wanted to see was it stuck back in the stone never to be pulled again.
But in all of its glory, shining, glimmering bright in the middle of the old battlefield.

Can’t have your cake and eat it too.
Well, I will make damn sure that I make the best tasting cake around.
And when you put one piece to your mouth, its aroma is so innovative, you drop it to the ground, only to dream like I do, of the palate of tastes.

Does this all make sense?
Not really, but like all things imaginative, you must try new things and start at a point and try to move it to a finish, although who finishes ever? It could always be better.
So tomorrow comes closer.
Hell yes…
Crazy psychotic over it?
No a damn chance.
I don’t feel, other than the exception of a few, that I should feel that way yet.

Until I no longer need to do what I love for others satisfaction of an idea no where related to the product, I will work for me, my team, and the world it impacts.

No longer will I give a simple hello.
Because a hello, will end you up in Hell.

No longer will I shake a hand that stares through me.
Yet my hand will reach out, just my mind will be on what I came here to do.

Stop yelling rape(last i checked, a pretty strong accusation too), to taint a reputation that doesn’t belong to you, eventually, some sort of repercussion will come two fold around to you.

This is for a larger goal than those who see only to the surface of the past.
And for the few of us… we will blow your minds.
Even in a mediocre way, it will be mind blowing.
I won’t settle for less.

Our skills come into play now.
Tomorrow is OUR day.
Rumors, backstabbers, fanboys, stay the fuck away.

Wait… let me retract one statement.
Fanboys, come and play, for you are what drives this environment.
You make up the bright shine of the moon, guiding the path of our work with your love and fervor.
You can let it shine and in all of its glory.
So stand proud and heads high.
Now is your time.
I hope you accept me, us, we, the entirety of this new entity.
But remember, my goal is for you to accept something that you may not ordinarily…
Hence why you are the fanb… I hate this word… You are the community!
And I, just someone to bring you a bridge to what you see and you will invest so much time into, so stay awhile, spend some time with me.

I hold no regrets,
I hold no grudges,
But I don’t forget…
Try it with me, won’t you?
I have lost much memory early on, I refuse to do this anymore.
If you see a memory, why should you not know who is who?
I recommend a broadway musical/show or two…

The grass roots of a world we live in at its rawest. Choose and stay on the stage and stick to your script, but if you forget a line, don’t stop, improvise and promise me this… Promise me you will always try!