It’s strange. Maybe it is because I am more aware of it, maybe it is because things are panning out the way I saw them. Maybe it is truth. But religion is becoming more of my life, be my belief or not, it is becoming a part of it through contact, experiences, and people.
I have for some reason always grasped onto the bible code as some sort of turning point. If it pans out, then I believe, but if not then what? 2006/2007 they are considered a very climactic point. And as it goes now with Israel and the war in Iraq, the natural disasters, bird flu, we are looking at a very close to real scenario.
Now I am not going to say I go by this code exactly, nor am I a die hard fan, I think I am more of someone who wants to know and if these events panned out by a prophecy then it would be true.
Does it make it wrong to want to know through proof? Yes if you go by the bible. It if faith that I should have. Will going to church protect me? Probably not, if I don’t believe. Will it give me more of a reason to believe? I don’t know. I am in a place in life where I think believing is not exactly something I can make through faith. How can you go by one religion when there are so many of the same? Who is right who is wrong. Why make a choice for the one that saves your soul? Take Christianity for example. If you are a true faith believing Christian, come apocalypse you are whisked away by God. When? Who knows.. that is why I wonder with religions. Many of these religions say there is no date or time for anything yet all have an apocalypse of their own. Is this a way of keeping people interested in the religion? Perhaps, but I am sure there are arguments against it.
I guess we all know very little about it. Be it a Bible code, be it an indistinct time and place, be it just faith, it is a place I am not sure I can go without proof. Maybe I will have to endure 7 years of horrid shit in order to get that belief.. maybe not.
Then which I find strange.. it seems that religions do not believe in ghosts, which would be life after death.. There is UP and there is DOWN. I have a semi belief in ghosts, so there ya go.. a small inside into a religion aspect of me.