So I am playing pretty steady again. I must say I am really enjoying it. I kinda enjoy just vegging out with the game and talking with friends etc. Even farming is fun currently.
Right now I am just trying to get a hold of my rogue and specs I enjoy.
I considered re-rolling but I decided not to and found happiness in shadowstep spec for the time being.
Also my guild is in need of a big group hug so we are in the process of getting everyone back to being fun lol.

My g/f and I had a rough time for a little bit there. (NOT BECAUSE OF WOW YOU HATERS lol) Things are still weird but I think it is the distance most of all. And we are talking through a lot of it. It is hard as hell to balance long distance. She is really special and just doesn’t realize how I feel sometimes I think. I want to do so many things and have so little time. I think right now it seems like I want to play wow more than i want to spend time with her when in reality I just wish she were here by my side playing with me(she like sgames and would do that but like I said distance). I just miss the COMFORT of a relationship. Currently it is like a special event every time she comes and one it isn’t comforting two it is expensive lol. When you get to a place in a relationship like we have the distance begins to hurt. The days before and after she visits I usually disappear because in the beginning I want time to go faster and I have some sort of inner way of doing that alone, and then when she leaves I want to unwind from the excitement. Meh the 16th she is coming down so until then. I love to just curl up against her back in bed and put my arms around her waist.
She has wow and an account and plans to play but her computer sucks lol bah. Anyway she probably wouldn’t like me till she leveled up since I am kinda hard core with how I play even if in a fun way.

Oh yeah.. welcome to my blog lol