So i got hit with a KILLER sickness. Apparently I am not the only one. While it allowed me to hit level 70 and re meet all the guild members in wow again holy fuck it was a killer. I mean I was out for the count a few days i hardly remember.

The kinda shitty but good part was me and my g/f had trouble talking while I was really under the weather. She has some stuff in her life and thankfully this has opened up many windows to let the sun in for “WHY’s” in our relationship. Basically she really did care for me but at the same time she lacked the ability to express that feeling to me without making me anxious or not comfort me. While that is harsh after we talked more when i got better it was apparent why and I guess this is one of those humps to work through. I guess no one really knows what to say to you when you are sick like your Mom.. I just wish we could get to that point where we BOTH know each other that way. I’m not sure what that takes but I will learn one day.
I did feel terrible about not being able to be there for her when I was sick cause she was also having a shitty time as well. And I dunno why but I am being kinda stubborn about asking to help now that I am better, one we got into a fight, two she is semi better, three I have no good reason… I want to figure out if she is ok with certain people in the hospital. We DID talk about some but I wonder if she remembers as it was before our fight and may have been diluted thus.