So I rented the movie next this weekend. It is about someone who can basically see into the future. With the mix of A nuke going off and the idea of impending doom or the world changing like for some reason I carry that idea with me as a strange burden, it was odd that I rednted this movie.

This week a few strange things occured:

I was very down because of the idea that it was fall and the weather was warm and I missed home weather. Well I call back home after we get this amazing streak of fall weather in CALIFORNIA and they are having 80 degree humid weather.

I then see a bulletin post from an old friend about black labs for adoption which is my favorite dog, and the same day someone mentions they have a black lab up for adoption, i still need to contact her to see why that was.

I reached out for help with things at work and help landed in my lap and allowed my brain access to things that have been cloudy for a while. Friends really helped me out.

I just txt messaged a friend who see’s some of the worlds future things the same as me and I figured since this movie I ended up renting after going out to actually rent otherwise I should get in touch with.

Then the kicker right after the movie I checked facebook and saw, ooo Tim a friend of mine was added to facebook by anotehr friend of mine. I need to go add him. And low and behold right there on his messages is my boss saying “hahahah first friend add even before Tristan!” it was surreal.

It is strange sometimes how my life is led by strings and sometimes these strings knot up with the world and paths begin to cross. As to why I am not sure yet. But I wonder what will happen next, I sit on the edge of my chair typing this with a shiver on my spine, the fact that my life has this tendency to show things that might otherwise be hidden to the naked eye makes me wonder what the plan is.