KNOW THIS: I DO NOT POST BLOGS HERE AS A CRY FOR HELP. My writing is often very scattered and only understandable by me, whether it sound emo but really means fluffy bunies or it sounds happy but really I am sad. I post it here so the people close to me if they so choose can get an insight to what is going on in my life when it may not be possible otherwise, but then again I usuaully write in as much riddle and distortion as to therow the read off only allowing you to understand if you truly folow the point the subpoints and the medium points. I am an open person and don’t mind my life out there to a certain extent. However I am not posting emo blogs or thinking it is the end of the world, if I was in that mood I wouldn’t post here. These are just the random thoughts that go through my head as I walk or watch a movie etc etc. I appreciate comments, but I don’t need a pick me up. I need people if they are going to comment to just be straight and to the point of the topic at hand not my overall life, because unfortunately this is a blurb of time and space not an encompassing whole. So yeah, thats about it, hope that helps and doesn’t piss anyone off too badly.