My meditation doesn’t come in the form of a chant or breath excercise, (actually I believe there should be some Rocky theme music playing when doing Yoga, if I am able to get my body into those hard positions, I want some gratifying “YOU DID IT” music as reward, not birds chirping in my ear and bells making me lose my balance through a resonation in my inner ear… wow OFF TOPIC… anywhoo..)

I find my meditation through climbing a mountain in the crisp fall air, out of breath, totally submitted to my body and the world around me, and in those tiny moments when I can catch my breath, pause and wait for the next step, I get a feeling of clarity. The quiet, the fresh air, the world around me. And in that split second I get the meditation that some will sit for hours in silence to achieve(which is not bad, just this is what works for me). So if you could share those moments with me, that would be pretty great.