I understand NYC is a city of don’t look up but I believe even though I too do not look up, seeing the people and the environment of social euphoria breaths a certain life into my spirit. I took that for granted when I moved to California. After living out there for 5 years I moved back to NYC for the social/cultural inspiration I grew up with. So YES I will point out the street performer that I think is amazing, and yes I will talk about the people I see that strike my fancy, or the conversation I overhear from the person on the subway next to me, I still get motivated by them as part of this walking canvas NY.

If you sum me up as a 1 page self summary, a 3 hour convo, or all day correspondence, you might as well just not talk to me, because I am not any of the above. I am a person with ideas and thoughts, someone who may or may not spark your brain and gain from it as well. I have anxiety toward things, fears, bad days, shitty days, but I smile and I move forward. If you are moving forward too, I want to know you.

I have not met you, I don’t know how your brain works yet, how you live your life, what your ideals are. All I know are sporadic profile stories and a glimpse into your emotion, inflection, and life. I am just asking you this: would your prefer complete safety as you take this part of your life journey, or do you mind me throwing shit at you that may or may not stick in the end? I don’t want to be the compromise, I want to be the inspiration, smiles, stories, memories, Polaroids of an adventure.