Someone close to me wrote this the other day, and I just love it, wanted to share it.

Something stirring slowly inside a hollow place
Deeply blue and remarkably effervescent
Sparking right past all those carefully laid stepping stones
This is something passionate and powerful and free
It charms its way through disaster and skips gleefully into the unknown
Smiling all the way even
Nothing soft and sensitive about it
It’ll burn every set of fingerprints it comes across
Leaving the forbidden scent of burnt up carefulness
It throws all caution to the wind
Inhales every touch of his mouth, every twitch of his hands
This jumpy electric pulse tangles itself up in any logic there was to have
Fries it lifeless and plants solid gold Bravery instead
Bursting trees of pure Inhibition dig their roots deeply into place
Never wavering and only pausing to deposit new branches
New branches to overtake all Caution and Uncertainty and Silence
Bright screaming Blue shooting through my veins
Willing me forward, forward, forward
No turning away from it either
No fighting it back or beating it down
Like an avalanche of too tight rubber bands
All of them snapping and flying into sixty different directions
Every flare of energy gathering in the bottom of my rapidly accelerating pulse
Now my whole frame trembles with every counted beat
Accumulating, building, gathering
Brand new splashes of color rearing their heads with every stolen glance
I am nothing to stop it, too caught up in this heart attack of Revolution
Boldly squashing every last promise I ever made to never do this or that
This wondrous chaotic electronic free fall into what can only be best described as my own personal