So I found an OLD OLD OLD conversation when I was 12. The days when I had AOL was something a bit different. I remember the feeling that you could be ANYTHING or ANYONE on this new toy. Albeit I am definitely fucking the Shakespearean language into the ground with this conversation and this is really not very impressive, I was 12 and I figured with all this talk of love in my notes lately, I would post an old conversation I had with someone. I suppose I wanted to show them, I was not “that guy”. And ya know, it was weird, but it worked.. lol Perhaps in its own way, even though it murdered the language, the truth. Of course in a very hormonal, trying to be older than I was, romantic 12 year old way. But it was nice non the less to be able to talk to people who probably would pass you over in a crowd in such a way that made you different. It also felt good to be able to say what you wanted because it were almost as if you were the fool with this language. It made a separation of reality and fiction. Because I was talking in a different language almost (yes I know I killed it) it allowed me to say much more of the truth than you normally could. Like the fool in a Shakespearean play, using jests to speak the truth, but no one will believe him because he is the fool, so they laugh. This was me using a language to connect with people older than me, because even though it could be taken as canny, in all jokes and mostly in most sarcasm there is a hint of truth that rings true.

Hockeypuc was my screen name lol

HockeyPuc6: If thou shall not speakith to thy thy shall consume the position of eternal rest.

GIRL: i want you now but i can’t have you

HockeyPuc6: thy shall seek mercy on your oh so tender heart and thy shall live for just a plain trip to the mall with thou.

HockeyPuc6: If thou dismays my requests thy shall have a heart of eternal sorrow!

GIRL: oh ye baby that’s why i want you there djfkldjfjdkjkjfkjdj you are soo cute , that’s really romatic even if you are kidding Jessica says this!!

HockeyPuc6: Who is this maiden thou talks of. Jessica thou calls her. Thou’s name rings in my ears like the sound of singing from the beautiful humming bird in the sky.

GIRL: are you taking this out of a book?

HockeyPuc6: Thy would take a sword in thys heart to save the life of this wonderful yet mysterious maiden(and no this is not out of a book)

GIRL: sorry for leaving you i messed up

HockeyPuc6: Thou hears of another name yet ringing from the south. It is what thou calls Jennifer. It is majestic and lovely in many wonderful ways.

GIRL: o.k. i know you love me

HockeyPuc6: Thys love for you can not be expressed through words nor through actions. Thy’s love is so deep thou could not cut through it with the power of the gods called on from the heavens. Though can not live without thee. Will thou take my hand in eternal togetherness?

HockeyPuc6: Is thou still there.

GIRL: wow!!! how do you come up with this?

HockeyPuc6: Thy has a heart that can express thy’s feelings only in love for the ones that men the world to Thy! Thy loves and Thy weeps but not in sorrow but with happiness filling Thy’s heart.

GIRL: ;-[

HockeyPuc6: what is thous meaning by that majestic yet strange figure in the far of distance.

HockeyPuc6: (the face)

GIRL: it means that i was cryiny!!!

HockeyPuc6: Has thy made thou sad. Or is it the beautiful sorrow of happiness.

GIRL: its thou sorrrow of happiness beheld by my hand

HockeyPuc6: Thou speaks of the true love that is beheld in the hearts of every soul of the lands. Thou must search deep inside the depths of thous heart to find the meaning of LOVE!

GIRL: good

HockeyPuc6: Thys love grows deeper ever moment. It has a never ending depth and can be called unto at any time. That is the trueness of thy’s love for thou.

HockeyPuc6: If thou will love Thy in the ways that thy loves tho than the love of eternity will be Grasped forever in the heavens.

HockeyPuc6: The End

Maybe this is why I find instant messengers and txt’s to be so disconnected. Because for me, this was a way to escape late at night when it was no longer allowed for you to be out at night. This was a way of extending an already awesome night. It wasn’t the way to say hello, and figure out who someone was. It was like a coffee after desert.