You are well within your right to not send a naked photo of yourself to someone you never went on a date with and that should be an indicator of what they actually want in the first place. Although me personally I prefer clothing to naked for foreplay 🙂

Some ask for open and honesty but are not willing to give it themselves so when you do they recoil to the little boy on the playground pulling hair. The chase isn’t as fun to some people after they know it all, showing how they really are only after the chase in the first place. Honesty should build and bolster a relationship not harm it.

I also don’t know what you are telling them, maybe it is something they realize is not their thing. Which is totally within their right as well. We guard ourselves so much wasting so much time pulling out the answers, when in reality we should be able to lay it all out, and make an educated decision if the other person is for us or not and just move on or stay together without the bullshit.