You remind me of me… You remind me of my defense.. You know how to redirect the pain and the shit… you also remind me of me sitting in the shadow waiting thinking it wil work when you know damn straight it won’t… you and me are very similar, however I see something in this you do not because I am staring at me. You are being dumb, but how can I just say that? You are accepting things in hopes it will fix different things even though you are against what you accept. You hang out with people who make you sick just for a moment next to a person not even seeing the twinkle in your eyes. Stop getting stepped on, where is the person I first met who hated me. Sure some things are good changes, but shit where is that center core valued you we love to see. This is yours, own it well. Use us too, we will make you stronger. That is all there needs to be.

Me to someone I knew, but read today I see it was also to future me.