I have heard a lot of people getting down on themselves for eating candy, chocolate, big meals etc with family over Easter Sunday or the holiday weekend in general… Well here is what I ate:

  1. Ravioli A LOT OF EM with a wonderful meat sauce
  2. Chocolate Eggs as many as my Uncle could toss my way.
  3. Jelly beans WAY more than a handful
  4. Great cheeses, meats, and appetizer foods
  5. Tons of Salad
  6. An egg italian pizza (you need to be italian to know it) 2 slices
  7. Desert (pie / cookies)
  8. Tea
Calories: Don’t care

Why I don’t care:

I know I didn’t eat this last week, I know I won’t eat this tomorrow. But today I enjoyed the day, the food, and the company. If you want to make this a life long journey you need to enjoy the journey along the way, and I did. Because I know tomorrow I will be working out. I know tomorrow I will be eating healthy and clean. I know tomorrow is not today. I know my body is working fast as it is due to the work I put into it before today.

So I may still have that back of the mind twinge of OH NOOOOO!!!!!! But It can go jump off a cliff because my logical brain knows better and tomorrow will be fine 🙂

I hope you all indulged and enjoyed today as much as I did. Back at the grind tomorrow!