These are the cookie crumbs for my depreciating mind.


An intimate and candid story about everyday love, shot entirely on the iPhone 6 to capture even the tiniest nuances of

“Romance in NYC”

Take a journey through their life enjoying an everyday in NYC, but capturing the tiny nuances that are romance, even in the most mundane situations, with NYC as a beautiful backdrop.

The tip jar is activated on this preview to help us with post production costs that our Kickstarter was unable to afford. We are extremely grateful for all the help this far and any further help with be met with love and affection.
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We all have to start somewhere. This was from back when I was 200lbs. It was the first week of workout with my personal trainer in California. He helped me claim my life back. If interested in them, they are called Jungle Fitness. As for Jon Jung he is the MAN! So is Bon Gomes my trainer. I couldn’t even do a pullup. It has been a few years since that and I now maintain myself, and it is great to have their basework to start me off! Thanks guys!

One of my favorite songs that tells love how I see it.

Say exactly how you feel
Right now your free to say it all
There is no one here to judge you
I only love you
You’re free to close your eyes and fall
You can trust me this is real

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