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Blitzkrieg on my Health Update

‎Today I had my first HUGE visible # changes.

6 weeks ago:

17 Body Fat % and 170 lbs

Today: 11.7 Body Fat % and 161.7 lbs

Just goes to show, put in the effort, get the results!

For those of you working yourself, know this, I broke my diet, I failed to push somedays, but I never stopped doing it. I always showed up and will continue to.



My message to

I am seeking guidance.

I get these moments of relief from what I can only describe as overwhelming anxiety. These moments come from the strangest or most obvious reasons. I am on the end of one moment of relief right now from watching a simple movie of blatant romance.  Sometimes I am given these opportunities to see, and as my day showed me, sometimes I have no more control than to pace back and forth, and lay down, get up, walk straight, or stand still. But knowing there IS guidance, that gives me strength. Be it from myself, my subconscious, or those around me. Because I tell you my self conscious self is super strong right now, and makes it obvious every time I fall asleep, bringing my thoughts into a dream state, with symbolism and happy or nightmarish experiences. Sleep that wakes you abruptly not letting you sleep again or forcing you not to wake. Continue reading

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