We love to be infront of the camera covered with an insecurity and talent of knowing ourselves well enough to get others to open up to our cameras in a way that we end up behind it more. Every now and again stepping infront of it, and loving the shutter sound, but feeling slightly uncomfortable and wanting to be checking the settings and minuscule screen every snap/flash/focus. A deeper desire that can stem from it all to have someone in our lives that approves of turning the camera phone around and at two lives instead of one, and using some silly app to send our photo booth mock up into and weeks later receive them in the mail, looking at the strip together and laughing, or getting it alone, and waiting for the other to come home to kiss them as we sneak it into their purse/pocket so they are as excited to find it the next day as we were. Not necessarily even needing a kitchy moment, but just knowing together both lives are captured in an acceptable way to each other.