If you are ever interested LFG to sit under trees and stare at the sky,
LFG to sit in the sun and only feel each others warmth,
LFG to kiss past their lips and to their mind,
LFG to spend time;
Through server crashes and unknown disconnects,
Able to do it again and again,
Each time a different rollback.

So if you’re interested.. PST me.

Although we may have had a noggenfogger potion used when jumping from the top of Ironforge,
We both landed at an unfamiliar flight point.
But able to use our now cooled down hearthstones to return.
And with that in mind I can say with confidence LFG.

So before I let you go off to another group,
And get saved to their raid timer,
I figured I would let you know LFG,
One spot left,
Healers preferred (LOL)
Nah, its cool, you can be a rogue too, but hey this isn’t that kind of blurb.

Just make sure you are ok with a wipe or two and have enough gold for repairs.
I know my armor is a little broken from time and I see yours is worn as well.
The cool part is this instance won’t reset in a week,
We can take our time clearing the trash mobs till we feel comfortable to take on the elites.