This is like comparing SEX WITH A PEN CAP OR SEX WITH A TUNNEL…

So microsoft aka the fucktards… they decided that in their version of Internet Explorer they would make it so my .png images would not properly display. THEY WOULD PUT A FUCKING RETARDED BACKGROUND COLOR INSTEAD OF READING THE TRANSPARENCY.

ALL IN ALL, they fucked up my web page. The page works nice and looks perty in Firefox.

Internet Explorer 7 while it has the capability to actually see the PNG files it also takes my png files and ADDS transparency.. SOOO ANYWAY THEY FUCKED UP AGAIN.

Ok so in short.. I may or may not fix this issue because Microsoft can kiss my arse. However, now that I have installed IE7 I can’t even check to see if I fixed it.

Yes yes folks it uninstalled the older versions. So anyway, rant is over at this time.. Just know we are aware for all those people still under the hammer and sickle of Microsoft and their internet browser, your experience here will not be orgasmic but a shoddy plethora of nothingness.

Until you join the online sensation and install Firefox, enjoy the lovely image distortion, viruses and popups from microsoft forcing you to reinstall MICROSOFTS WINDOWS.. GOD THAT IS JUST SOO FUN. AND WOW IMAGINE THAT MICROSOFT GAVE YOU CRABS AND NOW MICROSOFT IS SELLING STD TREATMENT.

I recommend reading this in a strange romanian accent or it will not make sense. Have a nice day.. Freedom to the motherland, and fuck you Microsoft.

P.S. I could fix this and make the page less awesome by going subpar with their standards or I could let the 3 % of firefox users enjoy the magic fields of grain and sunflowers… Or i could even wait for everyone to upgrade to IE7 and then I can give them a half trampled rose with the way it works… i will decide at a later date…