I almost put this on my dating profile, but know better. No one likes a Debbie downer, but I feel like it might just help haha.


“If you are offended by more than one message in succession to communicate or have a conversation, please kindly fuck off 🙂 this does NOT mean I want to fuck you, marry you, or any other crazy you came up with. For fucks sake people, I grew up in Zurich when I was young, where we talk the way we are on the day we say it. We don’t sugar coat shitty days and we don’t wait with baited breath for good ones. We are ourselves 99% of the time. We don’t think it is crazy to share or be excited to meet someone. Feel free to waste your time elsewhere. I value mine. Seriously tired of the closed off, judgmental people on this site. Stop trying to pin your own reservations or shit relationship experiences on me. Whatever backward social norm it is that you follow for time between messaging another person can seriously kiss my ass. Thank you kindly. I workout, eat healthy, enjoy frozen yogurt on a hot ass night, the outdoors, don’t do drugs, don’t have an std, am above average looking, am actually 5’10, drink very little, never cheated, and listen as well as have opinions. I won’t settle for mediocre. Hopefully I have scared off at least 90% of you at this point.”