I feel like I have been given a glimpse from my life about 10-15 years ago in the form of doing, not just thinking and remembering… and it feels really good to feel that invigorated again.  Anxiety and other issues have claimed some of me over the years and being able to claim back bits of me, is invigorating. I let go a little bit in terms of just going out there and putting it all on the line, laughing, and joking through it all. Like a merging of my life now and my life then, the actor and the director. I feel like I am in costume again going into an auditorium of 1000000 people as a murloc screaming about slavery for no reason and it feels good, but with much better production quality. To be able to claim back that sense of adventure and remember I loved this stuff and finding a way to incorporate it into my life and my career is amazing. I hope I can keep the forward momentum here because it is super important to me. Maybe it is the work I am doing on myself with the help of external influences or the brain just changing a bit more, or all of the above. But it feels good. Let’s keep breaking down the walls that life sometimes builds in our way, release the inner child!