The ultimate problem with “Prince Charming”.. he is the rebound. He “saves” the woman, the woman is swept off her feet, falling for him and only him. Sooner or later the Princess learns an important lesson, Prince Charming can’t actually save her from herself. Either she realizes she needs an understanding of herself first or she will end up falling into, once upon a time again, a deep sleep in which she must once again be awoken by “Prince Charming”. Not such a charming cycle is it?

It isn’t a princess I want. She is going to leave me. Being “saved” by a prince is just a rebound until she can get her mind together. And being afraid to tell all only hinders the ability to know if at the core as humans we match. The princess is always kidnapped, sometimes drugged and put into a long slumber, losing massive amounts of her life and time. Then swooping in with a kiss and waking her is not going to heal her wounds. She needs time, unless you are OK being tossed aside when she is fully better.

Too many people squander time by hiding loving the idea of someone or waiting until it is “official” only to feel underwhelmed at the outcome.

We are who we are at that specific time when we meet. Either that is OK and we get to the start of the relationship, love. Or, we need to be self aware enough to say, that we ourselves need more time to ourselves first.. That is unless you find some who makes you stronger together, not weaker alone.