So since I took the plunge into geekage totally I was an actor and well lets just say you do everything and anything to keep your figure pristine. Well, I kinda fell victim to comfort of not having to stand infront of an audience naked and well enjoy the finer foods more often such as Oreos, tostidos, redvines, etc etc. For a little bit I even fell victim to my previous past of smoking to try to keep the weight in check which worked well. However I traded a cancer stick for weight.. and well it didn’t weigh out lol.  So I went shopping this weekend and finally got some clothes to replace my skin tight jeans from my dancer days lol. Albeit it was a hard plunge to finally come to grips with but overall I feel better in clothes more fitting and well eventually one day I will find a tennis partner and hopefully get some of the sit on my ass all day in front of a computer weight to fall off. And thus is how my week began with new clothes! Has a girly moment lol.