I ran across this today. It reads like fiction or perhaps a poem, but is my life. I wanted to share it again as it seems to have gotten lost in a year past. It happened close to this time last year and even though it was only a second date and we never kissed or went on to talk more it was truly a calm and happy moment in my life. An unplugged lost memory. I now know why I wrote it down. It speaks more about me than the date. And I feel sharing it is like sharing a piece of me. Hope you enjoy!

It also goes to show how much can change in a year because a few months later I went on a date where I was on a call to start a huge en-devour to really get my business off the ground and the call went long, and I had to ask my date if I could keep talking with the promise that I would be right in. Instead of being pissed off at me, she saw how enthusiastic and excited I was for the potential of what I was just talking about and started to talk to me about the call, my business, and what was happening at that very moment. She played off my energy, my excitement, my fears, my anxiety and we talked like friends who had known each other for years instead of the boring generic questions of a first date.