Sometimes it is hard when family comes to visit because being raised on the east coast and having those ties with my family, it often gives me serious nostalgia about the east coast.

I am not going to finish this thought because I lost the moment by not writing sooner but at least I have this line to remember, I will move on.

At times life has a way of just making you reflect and in many of those times I have turned to music. Music is such a driving force in my life. Many people will tell you they love music, all kinds, etc etc, but for me it is something that a simple lyric cannot express. I will often find myself humming or singing a song, at my best times I have sat at my piano back east and played for hours, just hitting notes trying to make a feeling, or a season.

I feel I was raised with music always in my life, from my Mother playing me different things or just being a part of many musical outlets. I can calm my nerves by just standing outside making up repetative lyrics to non existant songs. Life has a tendancy to make you start to think it over here and there and when those times come, I turn to sounds. My brain has a way of diving so deep into past decisions current needs and decisisons that it can become overwhelming, but music will always break my emotion and fill me with something non existant that cannot be taken.

I think one day I will write about my life, but first I must find someone that understands me and my stories that they can help in an autobiographical sense.

A small blurb for the day.