Some people are angry, some are sad…
Some people are stagnant, and some are bad…
But there are those people
here and there,
that spread their smile and cheer in the air.
No worries of income or status to gloat
No need for 72 virgins or a private boat
The truth my friends is honest and clear…
To spend our time loving and spreading out cheer.
Our days may not always be filled with glee
sometimes having to wait in line to pee…
But that is the magic of life which abounds,
The ability to just be and share that small insight…
To our minds, our souls,
Sharing a small bit of our inner light.
We are all individuals to what makes us whole.
But at the end of the day we are humans one and all.
So this holiday season, forget the fat man in the chimney..
And share your day be it good or bad,
For those moments of interaction with people around,
are the moments we remember before we are put in the ground.