There is something to be said about humidity. It is an equalizer. I had forgotten what it was like to sweat just by leaving your front door. I avoided summers back home in ny because of it. I enjoyed the summers in california much better. I remember my.first year i took vacation i thought i should take it during the summer. Mirroring my habits from highschool and college. I got home those years back and remember not only the experience when i was home but the feeling of relief when i got back to california. I realized then i should probably stay im the place with the better weather during that.season. it felt weird to appreciate caliornia more than what was home. But now that i have returned i have found myself looking forward to even if in the strangest love hate relationship going out into the humid summer air and feeling remenicsent, comforted, and thoughtful. Thoughtful on what it is about ny that makes us tied to it. What i have come up with for this particular challenge is the way the simple weather which does suck don’t get me wrong really bonds you with the people around you. You stand om the subway dripping from heat yet you get off with the person next to you. You gather yourself running your hand over your.hairline preserving whatever semblence of preperation you have done for the day or evening adventures. And it doesn’t matter if your hair has begun to curl or your shirt is slightly darkened in the back. You are almost tied to the people around you because.of the hardship you brush off as everyday. But not only that you learn to be yourself. Because.the weather may not allow for your body to tll your story. You will still walk five.blocks. you.will still dance your ass off. You will be you. And you will not be in a situation where you feel like you cannot be you. So this small thing called humidity. Mother natures jest doesn’t slow you in the slightest. Even of you become self.concious the people around you indirectly ease the feeling. Is this the reason that i feel and see the differences between the east and west coasts. No this is just one of the reminders that there is a difference. And at the moment i will take my dance club where all odds are against us physically and still opt to dance with everyone else. A little reminder is all.