So I am a little frustrated today by my scale. I am 160 exactly and my body fat % showed up as 11.7 today which I think is down a point from the last time I checked (so that is good). While this isn’t the end of the world, I keep thinking back to when I smoked and how I could been at 155 by now because of the appetite suppression and metabolism boost it gave me. But like I said and will say it again, I am doing it right this time and if that means it is a little slower so be it. 

I am considering if after the 3rd month I don’t drop those #’s a bit at least the body fat, I could care less about the weight if I am in shape, then I wanna try replacing a mean a day with the shake from the P90X thing. It costs the same as my meals and is simpler haha.

Anyone have experience with the shakes?

I mean shit this weekend I did the hike of doom, it was intense and I was running up the side of a mountain without getting winded or tired, so you would think I would be less harsh on myself but I still am a bit harsh. 

Lets just get to 3 months and see how it all turns out on this routine… GO HEALTH haha.