So we all know what Twitter is.

If you do not here is a wonderful flash animation to explain it to you in truth:
Wonderful Twitter Flash Animation,

Now that that is out of the way, I want to bitch not about Twitter, because I actually use it to update 3 sites at one time and that is damn useful.

But for those who update the fucking thing over 10,000 times a day I still have no problem with you.

But for those who do ALL OF THE ABOVE and refuse to RESPOND to anyone and have 18712831893 followers because they are female or talk about boobs, those people, I want to die…

Kinda like this animation:
Wonderful Kill People who Twitter Animation,

Now with that out of the way. Who the HELL are you TALKING TO and WHY if you are not going to interact with them if they respond to your TWEET?! And seriously, who gives a rotten shit if you are doing laundry or showering everyday, whilst this may be good for a boyfriend to know if he thinks you smell or might be dirty, if you do NOT tweet it should we be scared?!?

It isn’t even like you are self reflecting on your day. Last i checked txting on your phone was more of a “holy shit I want to tear my limbs from my body and beat the words into this stupid tiny ass keyboard or number keys” not “oh wow, this txt is bringing me insight and foresight on my life and those around me, how I wish I could txt and the time and forget the trivial things in my life!”


Addition: not only is it a false sense of being heard. It is like when the cool kid signs on to a messenger, and ignores everyone unless it benefits them.
Now they have a third layer of protection against any type of interaction.