So I have an issue. It has to do with the App store for the Ipad. I have this issue with paying for apps. I suppose that may be because I was an android user first. Well whatever the reason, I have come to the conclusion it is OK to spend on items that are worth their price in time… but I still can’t get over my fear of the 4.99 App… 

I look at an App that is 4.99 and I really want, it will provide me with at least 5 hours of say puzzle game type usage and if compared to say a 2 hour movie that costs 11 dollars, or a console game that is 50 dollars for about 8 hours, this seems very worth it.

But what do I do, I sit there and stare at it, read the reviews, add it to my wishlist, play the trial, and NOT download it. Then I go to the app store and search similar items and end up saying well, I can get the .99 cent app and I do this over and over 10 times until I go back to the App I REALLY wanted to realize, well shit I just spent more than that App on Apps I didn’t REALLY WANT. And I STILL won’t buy the 4.99$ App. Specially not now afters spending the other money… ARGGGG!!!!

I have problems 😛