So me and my friend who has fought 4 different boughts with cancer through juicing and raw organic eating, has decided to concoct a 10 day diet for the both of us. The first 3 days will be juice only, day 4 and 5 will be juice and smoothies, 6 7 8 9 and 10 will be juice with a few raw meals.

Now I don’t mind drinking my food, but I also workout 5 days a week. I have timed this on my recovery week, so I don’t have to push as hard. But either way it should be extremely challenging.

Why am I doing it?

  • I like a challenge.
  • I want to see the effects of the quick weight loss that comes with the territory of this even if you have 90% chance of gaining it back after.
  • I want to learn more about my body, preparing my foods, and how to make healthier things to eat.
  • Cleanse the shit out regardless of arguments against it. Either way the intake will be cleaner than what I do so it will cleanse something :)
  • I already juice my morning and afternoon meals, so I feel like I can do it.


  • I hate prep and cleaning. So the prep work and cleaning involved will be a serious challenge for me.( I mean look at the plastic cups in the background of the first picture… yeah, my life summed up lol)
  • Energy, I NEED this for my workouts. They are nothing less than intense. So I will have to figure out with her help how to supplement when I need to.
  • The Aftermath: I need to ween off the diet. You can’t just have a burger at the end.
  • Gastro Intestinal issues: I have the stomach of a princess. I am sensitive to many things, so I am worried I will feel sick a lot with raw things such as onions. But we will see. All in or all out. And adjust on the fly.

I will mostly likely be updating here as it progresses as I doubt there will be anything else I am thinking about during the day. So here is my first entry and here is my first image:

My juices will go into these! 8 dollars at Target for 12 of them!
Wish me luck and stay tuned for more.
(I absolutely apologize as I progress through this if I read anything wrong and I come off abrasive, PLEASE tell me if I am at any point. It might happen. But you are all my friends so I trust you can deal with my crazy haha. God the podcasts should be interesting haha.)

Sundays Entry(The Shopping List):
6 Cucumbers
2x Carrots 5lb bags or 2 large bags
6Red peppers
6 Yellow peppers
6Green peppers
3 large bunches or 4 if small kale
3 large bunches or 2 big bags of spinach
8 Zucchini both green and yellow
4 bunches Celery
15 Greens apples
2bags Red grapes
5 Fennel
1 pineapples
3 large sweet potatoes
1 or 2 papayas
10 lemons
2 large roots of Ginger
Almond milk (unsweetened ) *raw would be great if they have
Cayenne pepper
2 things of Blueberries
8 Parsnips
3 bunches of Swiss chard
3 bunches Parsley
3 bunches of cilantro
1 Watermelon
1 bunches of basil
2 bunches of mint
10 oranges
10 grapefruits
8 limes
3 bunches of beets
12 plum tomatoes
2 bunches of bananas
That should last me until Thursday. Here are the images:

Let me say this, I am 100% overwhelmed, freaked out, and clenching my wallet. This is so out of my element, I literally was freaking out not knowing what went into the fridge or not. But I am excited at the same time. It looks wonderful but this shopping trip was 2 hours at 3 different stores. It is NOT easy by any means.

Day 1:

Morning Prep:

I ran into an issue this morning however, I am getting extreme boughts of nausea from the ginger carrot juice. I think my body has a hard time with such a fast intake of potent vitamins. Laid out on the floor nausea haha. Good times. I also think I psyched myself out a bit too. So I probably tossed some panic in there as well with my anxiety.

Soooooo anyway I am going to be diluting my next juice with water to feel out my body.

Everyone is different. It isn’t about winning or losing, it is about seeing what works with you and what makes it so you can follow through. Just breath and enjoy it. If something feels off, it is, and adjust.

An hour later 12:30 PM: I have shit 3 times already. This probably has to do with the fact that I ate my sisters raw shit last night and all clean, and then my body kinda wanted to expel what I drank this morning. So far I can say this is not soo pleasant ;P

2PM: Watered down my juice with a giant glass of water, took 20 minutes to drink it. No stomach ache or nausea. Weird feeling in throat, but that’s it.. PROGRESS!!

4 PM: Did I mention I am not putting on my nicotine patch? Hahaha add that to the mix for fun aloofness 😛
Man drinking stuff makes you fucking hungry. I swear I am not usually this hungry, but a drink every two hours makes your stomach feel empty as can be while also feeling bloated… hard to describe.

I am about to partake in my 3rd juice of the day, yet… I am oddly not hungry at all, but the weird this is I am very hungry but NOT in the hunger pains kinda way.. very hard to explain… Also feel kinda bloaty full so weird lol. As well it really makes you WANT real food. Which is really funny considering I am not even hungry for real food like this any other time. Oh juice you strange beast. Here we go!

5PM: Finally finished the carrot juice. Blech I do NOT like the taste of carrots juiced. I prefer the green stuff actually oddly enough. Took me like 40 minutes to drink it lol. The pee breaks are occurring way more frequently now.

7PM: tried my best to force down another green juice. I don’t mind the taste but I am just NOT hungry. So I got through about 20 OZ and dumped the last 3 or 4. I just couldn’t stomach it anymore.

Another one at 8:30 9 as well. God damn so many juices! I can’t see anyone ever getting hungry on this.

8:45PM Forcing my last juice down my throat. Slowly.. ugggg EVERY FUCKING JUICE TASTES THE MOTHER FUCKING SAME. Fizzy bubbly sweet grossness. Ughhhh not happy.

I am literally at a point here where I don’t even want to taste this shit anymore lol so gross. They all taste the same. Like leafy fizzy foamy assholes. Why do people eat like this? A beautifully cooked Salmon with Mini baked potatoes or some scallops and a spring salad. Why is THAT not considered GOOD for us? Pffft I call shennanigans. I should just take a motherfucking laxative and colon cleanse, call it a day then eat some mother fucking real food that tastes good, looks good, and has nutritional value…. right after I polish off a bag of oreos of course.

———- DAY 2 ———

Ok so around 10pm last night I had a cup of Ginger Tea, it made me much happier.

Slept REALLY well. Woke up energized and before my alarm at 8 30 am which is crazy considering that is WAY earlier than my normal schedule.

Drank a lemon tea while prepping today with honey. Was lovely.

So finished my prep and juices for the day today a lot quicker. I am already low on some ingredients, such as apples and swiss chard. I will be replacing it with oranges/lemons and spinach.

I got REALLY hungry while prepping today.

I did NOT get nauseous with my first juice today!

I worked out without a problem. So that was cool. I mean I am a little weak, as in need more water breaks while doing the exercise, but overall I felt fine. Sweating is funny, cause you smell like juice 😛 Bye bye toxins!

No need to poo today… so I can only expect a surprise eventually lol.

Oh and forgot, maybe this is placebo effect, but my sweat acne on my forehead that I had from working out, is uhm.. gone and my skin feels different… I might be nuts…

I am a little freaked by how much produce I still have and watching some of it like the peppers get kinda weird looking. So hopefully with the raw food I will be transitioning into I won’t be wasting a lot. Mind you I had to make prep buying here so I wouldn’t need a car till Thursday. My Bananas are not happy.

5:30pmThere is always a wall, so I felt great and then I was like OK i am hungry and it is time for the 4th juice. Well let me tell you, this juice is always more than 16 oz by A TON. And fuck me man… I just can’t seem to get through this one without it taking more than an hour. It is tastey for the first 16 oz but after that my mouth body and stomach are like NO MORE PLEASE!!!! But hey if thats it not the end of the world.

10:30PM Hmm I feel ok but apparently I am much weaker than I feel, almost fell a few times today from just standing up or taking a step backward from being light headed and not knowing it.

I will say this, my ears, are kinda closing themselves a bit, weird right? But actually peaceful. Much more of a muted sound to the world.

———- DAY 3 ———

Day 3 Juices done like a pro! Prepped em, juiced em, Strained them, jarred em, cleaned everything, all in under 45 minutes BOOYAH! For reference first time I did it, it took me 2 and a half hours.

Feeling tired and a bit weak today. Also def getting abdominal pains need to poop soon. lol.

My skin is Definitely smoother. There is this moisturizing effect from juicing to your whole body. It is rad!

6:PM Swapped my last Juice and the one before it. SO MUCH BETTER that way.

I have learned a lot about Knowing my own limits here. If it doesn’t work for you, adjust it. Super important, and super hard for me who likes a regiment that everyone can do and has done before.

Well tomorrow I start going to some solids again but it looks like I have been tricked into a much longer than 10 day lifestyle change here. We will see how the raw plays out, but with the recipes and juices and smoothies I now have at my disposal, I can make some really amazing food. The idea here is to transform my veggie intake to 90% and meat to 10%.

We will see if that works out. All I know though is it is fun so far, challenging and rough at times, but in a good way. I am not sure how I would maintain this with a full time job, the prep is nuts and on top of that I workout.

Anyway we will see how this works out in the long term for now I am still on my 10 day course and doing well :)

I have heard a lot of talk about a 20 day juice cleanse to reset your palette yadda yadda, and while the idea appeals to me, I am not really doing this to reset anything, I am doing this as a challenge to myself, as a small detox from whatever, and as a long term learning to sustain myself on more than packaged foods or deli meats. I mean come on a guy who cooks is damn sexy, a guy who cooks/prepares raw wins all the ladies :)

———– Day 5 ————-

I guess I need an update eh?

Yesterday I fell asleep at 8pm and woke up at 8am but could have slept more.

So starting to mix solids into the diet now. Believe it or not I am not WAY more hungry. The juice fills ya up and keeps ya from the hunger pangs. All my food is raw.

I.E. Breakfast part 1:


Overall, I am enjoying this.

I have lost 4 lbs. from 164.6lbs to 160.6lbs

For those who wanted Body fat % I went from 14.4 to 13.8 % and a BMI of 23.2 to 23.1 so nothing that is even noteworthy. I also have been working out every day.

It gets much easier as time goes on. One thing I will say, time seems to go slower AND faster when you juice. I dunno how to explain it but the minutes tick by much slower when working out but when waiting for the next meal fly by.

I thought my sense of smell was better after quitting smoking, fuck I didn’t know anything, I can now smell the bleach in my shirts when I workout. I can smell EVERYTHING.