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Interesting… So I am more of a “DO SOMETHING” don’t “SAY SOMETHING” but “say a little something to fuel the ego” lol


I understand this photo. But I don’t agree with it. It has been making it’s rounds on social media and while the idea behind it is great I think something that people lack when approaching career choices and sometimes life is a sense of self.

I think this has the idea of “things like toll prices increasing, rent going up, and life getting shittier for the middle and lower class doesn’t matter” approach to life, because of the ideal “One day I will climb my way to the top and become the person who doesn’t have to worry because I will have the means to the end, the wealth, and then I can forget about it”

To me, the idea of dreaming big starts with the idea of knowing how to understand the world around you and make a change. To not accept that you are a goldfish who has to be susceptible to the sharks in the first place, but not being blinded by what the sharks can offer or scare you with.

Risks are good, educated jumps are great, but aiming to be something you clearly can never be, is only fooling yourself if you ask me. Sure you never know, but I think you should still understand your strengths and weaknesses when approaching life. You can dream huge and still have a sense of your skillset to make it happen or at least attempt it without just jumping completely blind. While sometimes blind jumping is needed it isn’t what I see when people post this, I see people expecting to be “the boss” and ignoring the reality of the world around them. I think we should focus on the larger picture, our abilities in relationship, and be able to dream big and actually accomplish those dreams through our own abilities, the help of others, and a greater sense of the world we live in. 

Oh wow throw back Thursday. My first date application I made awhile back. The girl in question said she was very busy and it would take a whole lot for her to have time to go on a date… Do me being me I made her this. I got the date and she is to this day one of my closest friends.

Each Snowflake is Different…

It is on snowy days like these that my past relationship drives a dagger deep into my heart, scratch that, twists the knife that was put there already and slowly working its way out. I guess I saw a lot further than was feasible. I saw a predicted snowy and cold winter but instead of buying salt and shovels, I bought scarves and hot chocolate. I was truly excited about an extreme winter. Screw the cold, the arctic vortex’s, the snow… I had someone to lay next to. Someone who I could stare at in the morning while the blurred snow flakes from the window behind the bed fell in a rhythm. Sitting there watching her eyes move from the dreams she would be happening, feeling the heat of her body, and being pushed up closer to her by my two little furry friends on my right.

Those eyes and lips. They were beautiful. They were kissable. They had emotion. That picture it painted, the picture I didn’t need my camera to capture, the simple memory of the moment, knowing it would be there again and again. But perhaps there is something to a personal muse for my photography, being able to capture the, what are now fleeting moments.

Then arguments start with myself to get out of bed, go on with my day regardless of the heat and affection all around me. But I loved knowing later that night, I had something better than radiator heating to look forward to in my bed. A warm body, a kiss, and her subtle wiggle when I pulled the covers over us that pushed her into me slightly more than I could establish, hand on her boob as I fell asleep.

So instead of walking around and seeing a beautiful snowy day, I see a day that was lost to, once again, a poor choice in someone truly willing to be open with me, truly willing to “for good and bad” with me. Someone who was more worried about the worth than the value. So I am sorry if I want this winter to be over desperately. I hate spring and summer. I love fall. If I could live in fall all year, I would be so happy. But I sit here waiting for the first sunlight to melt away the crystallized memories. For the wind to shift and stop the beauty outside, the snow, the ultimate equalizer for the world. Making it quiet and forcing you to be there with the person you loved. But now it forces me to be with my thoughts. While I embrace this and I look to heal, it doesn’t make it hurt less.

Loved. It is amazing how quickly that can turn into past tense. So do I think the snow is beautiful? Of course! I love it. But I would have “loved” it more if she was here to weather it with me. Actually… I wouldn’t have, it would have been a terrible winter. But it reminds me of how much I yearn for that connection with someone who can turn a cold winter into a warm embrace.

The gift of photography!

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Some more Christmas cheer. A little darker this time… 

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50 Shades of Grey

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If you heart DOESN’T look like this by the time you find love, you were doing it wrong.

Yeah that happened…

I felt proud so here is a picture.

Just me 6

Just me 4

Just Me 3

Just me 2

Just me

Best thing ever!

Progress Shots.

My Sponge bob pants make this sexy. 

Day 93, FINALLY a recovery week. My body needed it after 4 weeks of pounding it. I lay off the protein shakes and limit my diet a little bit during recovery weeks but not much. I want my body to heal as much as possible and it needs fuel to do that. I am soo happy with the results I have had so far. Here’s to another set of this for the summer push 🙂

That sweat was from LEGS only today. So all of you who ignore legs, THINK AGAIN.

The second picture was me stretching haha.

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