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This is not a blog for weight but I need to vent.

I have had one of those weeks where I broke my diet at almost every opportunity I got and had one GREAT day. Not in a seriously bad way, I have made sure to keep the sugar and shit out of my house in case of this. The workout this week has been extremely taxing and my body has been extrememly hungry. Which I compensate for with my food the right way but every now and again I get lost and I eat.

So the stupid part is I am freaking over food that isn’t that bad for me:

  1. Special K with Almond Milk
  2. Like a small cup of pasta without sauce
  3. Some minestrone from mommy 🙂
  4. a handful of my favorite cheat candy that stays away for the cravings 🙂
  5. Some peanut butter on 3 pieces of raisin bread.
  6. a few salteens with cream cheese.

So considering I burned close to 1000-2000 calories today. This should not be a big deal but in my head I feel like I failed this week. But my body tells me a different story. So moral of the story, break or not, keep trucking. There is no time limit on health and results. Just take it a day at a time.

I will now go sulk and watch the newest twilight that is on DVD lol

*hands in his man card*

This time it isn’t just about getting into shape, it is about addiction, mental stability, and

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