This is going to sound so fucking incredibly insensitive and shallow, but here goes anyway… I don’t care about boobies(I appreciate them haha). I care about your face, your lips, and your butt… is that too much to ask for? Not “black people like my ass” ass I mean STRAIGHT TEXTBOOK WHITE GIRL ASS. I get so much crap for this, “I am your average girl” “I am happy with my ass” “way to only think about physical” I don’t say this to make you insecure or weirded out. I say this in a, if we went shopping and I was gonna buy you something cute, I want to like it too way, I say this in a you should take care of your body way(as do I). I say this in a “there is a guy/girl for every other guy/girl out there” and that is something I REALLY LIKE. So yes this is a deal breaker. Take it as you want to. (Like I said previously, either you take me as we have known each other forever or you might be insulted) Physical is the easiest thing to know first, which then you can invest yourself 100% into the other person to see if you match every other way. (we can deny it all we like but it is the part of us that is RIGHT INFRONT OF US, I mean why else do we have PROFILE pictures)and with the different angles and photos you can take, this site has a tendency to be misleading. As a photographer it isn’t that hard to figure out WHY you picked a picture, I know why I picked mine. If you want to see me as a fat fuck, feel free to ask, I have been there, and I took care of it. But this isn’t about ANY of that, this is about me liking something, enough that it is important to me as your brain, intellect, humor, easy going attitude, and “insert adjective here” is…

I understand looks are not the #1 thing in life. I know how they fluctuate. I suppose I also know how people overlook them because of how touchy a subject they are. Well that was me a few years ago before I pulled my shit together. I was the skinny kid until I got my first job and learned what a desk job meant. Longer story with lots more pictures if you want it. But don’t be so quick to think I am judging you. Maybe what you see and hear is me gauging where your mind and mine are when it comes to a valuable process of my life?

P.S. I realize this is very generalized and body type, height, hips etc come into play on all of this. But I just wanted to get the idea out there.

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