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Month: August 2016

Do you believe it is possible to develop feelings for someone you have talked and texted with for a long time(a long time being over a year, we started off as friends) but have yet to meet them in person? Or is it just an unrealistic situation?

I think it is hard to know who someone is if your main form of communication can be done on the shitter.

I am special

Too many people have this mentality “That won’t effect me” even if they had a revolver to their head, they might think, well this chamber is empty and won’t fire, because I am special, I am different, I will be above all this shit when I get my scrooge mcduck pile of money where I can’t be touched. WRONG. Dive into a pile of coins, see who ends up more hurt you or the money.

Sunshine and Roses

Life isn’t always flowers, most the time it is the thought of flowers and you just have to remember how beautiful they are and how much you love them. Then most the time that thought can get you through most of it.

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